Resale in the time of coronavirus

A look at what’s happening at Vinted and Vestiaire Collective, two heavyweights in the French resale market, as France is on lockdown in an effort to control the covid-19 crisis.

With all non-essential shops in France closed, and citizens needing to fill in a form just to go outside, many users of Vestiaire Collective and Vinted were wondering what happens with the orders they placed and the items they’ve sold. Can they print off a shipping label if they don’t have a printer at home? What happens to that dress they ordered now the pick-up point is closed?

Vinted, which relies heavily on the Mondial Relay parcel delivery network, said on Thursday that it has suspended all new orders (purchases and deliveries) as well as existing orders in France and Spain until further notice.

Users can still put new articles online, which can be reserved by potential buyers, but with no-one knowing when normal service will resume, a drop in activity on the platform is naturally being witnessed.

Parcels already in transit are being stored by transport providers until pick-up points re-open. Vinted is imploring its users to not carry out transactions face-to-face.

Vestiaire Collective
At Vestiaire Collective, the Direct Shipping initiative (where sellers can ship directly to buyers, skipping the quality control stage) has been expanded to all items under €500 for all European selles. Sellers in France who can’t get to their local post office (many are now closed) can have DHL pick up parcels directly from their home, for both Direct Shipping and Vestiaire Collective’s standard service.

Those unable to print their own shipping label are advised to cancel the order, meaning that they’ll have to relist the item when things return to normal. Sellers in this situation are advised to activate Holiday Mode so their items aren’t available for sale.