Rebag launches tool to reveal resale value of your handbag

Luxury handbag resale site Rebag has launched a tool that allows consumers to instantly discover how much money they would get for their handbag if they sold it.

Dubbed Clair (Comprehensive Luxury Appraisal Index for Resale), the proprietary software is the first of its kind and has been five years in the making.

Clair determines the value of any handbag across a list of more than 50 brands and 10,000 bags. Consumers use Clair via the Rebag website or app. First they select the brand, model, style and size, then provide details about color and condition to instantly generate the handbag’s resale value.

While the app gives the price that Rebag would be willing to pay for any given bag (the platform buys bags outright rather than giving sellers a percentage of the sale), the company says the tool is for everyone, not just those who shop and sell at Rebag.

“With more and more consumers contemplating the resale value of their luxury purchases, we’ve created a taxonomy that provides a more transparent way for consumers to shop more wisely,” commented Rebag founder and ceo Charles Gorra.

Instead of splurging on an It bag, will consumers now look to make more calculated purchases based on the resale value of their acquisition?