SellHound launches secondhand selling app

SellHound, a company that helps people sell items on eBay, has launched its AI-powered smart selling app.

The smartphone app is designed to let users take photos of an item and create an optimized eBay listing with a single tap—no typing required.

The app works by identifying a seller’s item and searching it across nearly two dozen secondhand marketplaces—such as eBay, Poshmark and Mercari—and then creates the most effective listing to sell the item. SellHound crafts a title, description, competitive price and shipping suggestion. Users can then edit the listing as needed or tap “post” to go live on their eBay account.

SellHound claims that by optimizing the listing, it shortens the sales cycle and improves margins for the seller.

The app is first rolling out for eBay, and will soon expand to cover other secondhand marketplaces. It will initially focus on fashion, shoes and accessories.

“Our vision is SellHound will list your item on all the appropriate secondhand marketplaces with one tap,” commented Geoff Dillon, president and co-founder of SellHound. “We believe our solution has the capability to invigorate the recommerce movement that promotes sustainability through reselling and reuse.”

SellHound is free to download. The first three listings are free to try and subscriptions are available depending on the level of usage.