Marupe: Secondhand shopping 2.0

‘For everyone who likes fashion, good deals and personalized advice,’ is the ethos behind recently launched Marupe, an app-based consignment store.

Part of a new wave of secondhand clothing concepts targeting style savvy millennials, Marupe was founded by Marion Russo-Pelosi (Marupe is an abbreviation of her name).

Russo-Pelosi’s CV is impressive–she studied fashion design and then worked for Parisian couture houses, spent time as a stylist for television and then moved to ready-to-wear brand Maje.

Each piece for sale on Marupe is styled and shot on a model, such as a Léon & Harper jumper (€60), a Maje denim dress (€75) or a Sandro top (€40). Everything is like new, having been just worn once or twice, or even not at all. Glad to see I’m not the only one to have bought something on impulse only to never take it out of the bag…

With Marupe, however, you’re much less likely to make a duff purchase, as you simply select your body shape on the app (as well as your clothing size and shoe size) and then look for the corresponding symbol on the items that will suit you. There’s a 14-day return policy in case something doesn’t fit.

And if you like what’s on offer but really wish you could try before you buy, you’re in luck-Marupe will be at the Les Armoires de Paris vide dressing this Saturday 17 March at 16 rue des Minimes, 75003, 11am to 7pm.

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