Secondhand sales shopping in Paris

The start of the sales always whips people into a frenzy in France as they only happen twice a year (the winter sales start the second Wednesday in January, while the summer sales begin on the fourth Wednesday of June).

Some people even take the day off work and are queuing up outside the shops at 8am, ready to be let loose on the bargains (or maybe that was just me, outside Galeries Lafayette a few years ago).

But when the sales start tomorrow on 10 January, instead of hitting up regular retail I’ll be doing a bit of secondhand sales shopping.

Dépôt vente La Cloakroom is offering 20% off everything during the sales, while Bis Boutique Solidaire is giving customers 20% off at its two shops tomorrow only. Last year, I bought a sixties style dress in the sale at La Marelle that’s very Courrèges in style. These are just a couple of what will undoubtedly be a long list of secondhand stores that will be reducing their prices, which means it could be the perfect time to pay a visit to one of the pricer consignment stores in the hope of snagging a bargain. Let me know about your fabulous finds!


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