A visit to Come on Eileen at Bastille


A few doors down from dépôt vente Le Cloakroom on rue des Taillandiers in the Bastille neighbourhood of Paris is Come on Eileen. You might remember that I previously wrote about Come on Eileen in the Parisian suburb of Kremlin-Bicêtre, and there is a third outpost on rue de Rivoli which I’m yet to explore.

Come on Eileen looks like a musty vintage shop at first glance, but is actually home to some surprisingly modern treasures–designer names like Saint Laurent and Jean-Paul Gaultier jostle for space with Zadig & Voltaire cashmere, Vanessa Bruno coats and Manoush dresses. If you don’t spend time going through the rails, however, you’ll see the crusty Chanel ballet pumps and beat up pairs of Converse, and automatically think that there is nothing for you here.

I was tempted by a burgundy Tara Jarmon dress for €60 (the man working in the shop said I could have it for €50), but as it was the day before pay day, I didn’t splash the cash in the end. However, I did learn a valuable tip–don’t be afraid to ask them to knock money off the price in here.

Come on Eileen
16/18 Rue des Taillandiers, 75011 Paris





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