Dressing the part


Last week I went to dépôt-vente La Marelle in Paris with the idea of just browsing in order to write a blog post, but then ended up taking leave of my senses and buying two dresses. One for parties and one for work, because, well, one needs to work, and one needs to party, and one can never have enough dresses, right?

On the left is a brand new with tags Kenzo monster dress (208, gulp, but it originally retailed for 679 on Stylebop.com. I wore it for new year and got lots of compliments, so I’ll have to make sure it gets another outing soon in a suitably fabulous setting.

And on the right is a black and white 60s style dress that a fellow customer commented was “très Courrèges“. It feels expensive and a quality garment, but doesn’t have a label, which probably explains why it was a rather reasonable 42 with 20% off. If anyone knows what brand this dress is, please tell me as I’d love to know.

Stay tuned for my upcoming blog post on La Marelle – it’s located in the beautiful Galerie Vivienne, the staff are lovely, and it’s got some amazing designer clothes at a fraction of the original price. As I was leaving both staff and customers were raving about a Christian Dior dress that had just been put on the rail. It was rather nice, but when your income is more Diesel than Dior, you have to know when to put away that credit card…



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