Where to get your designer clothing cast-offs online

As someone whose expensive tastes are not matched by her bank balance, I’m always looking for places to get barely used clothes, bags and shoes for less. I grew up with eBay, but things have changed a lot since then, as Amy E Williams’ article on The Rise of the Resale Rail in this week’s You magazine shows.

There’s a whole community of like-minded fashionistas using designer resale websites to buy and sell pre-loved clothes. And it’s not just high-end pieces from likes of Celine and Chanel that people sell. There are also popular items from high street chains, so if you’re looking for THAT coat from Zara that everyone went mad for over summer, or something from the new H&M x Kenzo collaboration, then these sites are definitely worth a look.

You still need rather a lot of money if you are going high end, be warned. Many items are unused or barely used, and the resale price reflects this. I’ve spent many a moment salivating over a Chanel 2.55 or a pair of sky-high Louboutin heels, watching them get snapped up by savvy shoppers with money to burn.

Being in France, my two favourite resale websites are VestiaireCollective and VideDressing. I’ve got both apps on my phone, and probably spend more time scrolling through the ‘new in’ sections than is considered healthy. Up until now I’ve just been browsing, but I’ve got my eye on a fabulous Burberry trench in a deep burgundy. Oh and an Hermès Birkin (in my dreams), but then, who wouldn’t love to own one of those?


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