Fashion finds

fashion-finds-01-4-decLately I’ve been thinking about buying less but better. So instead of second-hand H&M and Mango, which used to be a staple of my wardrobe, I’ve started to look for designer labels, fabrics like cashmere and wool, and statement jewellery to jazz up classic pieces. It means paying more money of course, but hopefully I’ll end up with clothing pieces that I’ll wear for years to come.

This weekend my fashion finds were as follows:

Navy blue round neck Prada jumper (40) bought at Les Emplettes, a pop-up second-hand clothing store that’s open at 83 rue de Turenne in Paris’ 3rd arrondissement from 3-21 December.

Black leather mini skirt (10) bought at a vide grenier, Paris’ answer to carboot sales. Not sure how long I’ll be able to carry off a skirt this short, but for the moment I love it.

Statement necklace (25) with Swarovski crystals, also bought at a vide grenier. I do like a bit of bling, and necklaces are my weakness. Perfect for pairing with that little black dress.


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